Selecting the best wireless transmission solution for your business

By Dudy Cohen | Apr 19, 2017 5:42:12 AM

You’re probably aware of the advantages that a wireless transmission solution can offer your business in terms of reliability, agility, increased network coverage, revenue gain, and savings due to lower deployment costs, power consumption and footprint.

If you understand these advantages, then you’re probably already looking for a wireless transmission solution. Or you’re already using this technology and looking for a way to upgrade or deploy on a wider scale.

The question is: which wireless transmission solution best meets your needs?

We’re here to help shed some light on the subject and to emphasize the importance of this decision. Why? Because selecting the right wireless transmission solution for your business is a crucial and highly strategic decision that affects:

  • Your ability to grow your business by extending your network and providing new services to new customers in new areas — with the potential for growth of 10 to 100%.
  • Your ability to create new revenue streams with accelerated time-to-market and time-to-revenue —you can achieve revenues in less than 1 week from order!
  • Your ability to optimize your cost structure — you can potentially save up to 75% on real estate and labor costs.
  • Your ability to future-proof your network — get ready for 2020!

To help understand the connection between all of these factors and selecting a wireless transmission solution, we’ve put together a list of criteria for you to consider.

Interested in discovering what the criteria for selecting a wireless transmission solution are?

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Dudy Cohen

Written by Dudy Cohen