Point to multipoint to point to point – too complicated?

by Dudy Cohen | May 9, 2018 9:23:55 AM

ISPs, CLECs, mobile operators and regional operators seek to expand business, grow their addressable market and find new ways to provide services to their customers.

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Demystifying Common Myths Surrounding Wireless Transport

by Dudy Cohen | May 1, 2018 9:09:30 AM

Wireless backhaul is the most widespread backhaul technology today, and nobody challenges the fact that it is the most cost-effective transport solution. Wireless is rapid to deploy and flexible...

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5G Networks - Wireless and Fiber Backhaul Solutions

by Dudy Cohen | Apr 17, 2018 5:09:54 AM

As Gigabit-LTE networks and 5G infrastructure trials are being deployed worldwide, the fiber versus wireless dilemma rises once again.

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The HFWC network

by Dudy Cohen | Mar 20, 2018 5:32:45 AM

The HFWC Network

When HFC is simply not enough and FTTB is not an option

If you understand some of the acronyms in the headline, you will probably find this article useful.

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100Gbps single-box radio – inconceivable?

by Dudy Cohen | Mar 11, 2018 7:24:47 AM

Ceragon showcased in MWC – it can be done!

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