LTE Topology with X2

by YoavMor | Dec 5, 2013 10:00:03 AM

Long-Term Evolution, aka LTE, is upon us. We all know that this 4G network is better than its predecessors in many ways. In this post, let’s take a look at one of LTE’s more significant advancements, the X2 interface, and its effects on network topology.

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Comparing Microwave Deployment Configurations

by YoavMor | Nov 28, 2013 8:15:01 AM


Mobile backhaul and other network operators turn to microwave for quicker and less expensive, high-capacity networking. There are essentially three deployment configurations for microwave deployments: all-indoor, split-mount and all-outdoor.

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How about a Big LoS MIMO Capacity Boost with Higher Network Availability?

by YoavMor | Oct 16, 2013 7:46:19 AM

In his latest post for the Backhaul Forum, Yoav Mor analyzes the most frequently asked questions he receives about Line of Sight MIMO (LoS MIMO). Yoav addresses new deployment scenarios that make use of the latest multi-core radio technology, the technical aspects of the technology and the various operational and financial benefits MIMO brings!

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Bridging the Divide: Making Rural Broadband Affordable

by YoavMor | Oct 9, 2013 8:59:10 AM

In his latest post for the Backhaul Forum, Yoav Mor looks at the reasons why rural communities around the world remain disconnected to broadband networks and how microwave backhaul is assisting to bring connectivity to these underserved populations.



In many, if not most, countries, remote regions continue to be underserved. How could it be otherwise?First, the costs associated with network deployment in such areas are often very high.

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