How to gain 20% more long haul capacity for each radio, with 25% fewer carriers

by ItzchakRaskin | Jul 29, 2015 9:37:09 AM

Legacy technologies can be compared to holding on to an old car, if by a thread. You cling to it because it’s always been so reliable. But the car requires a lot of maintenance, and admit it, it’s a real gas guzzler. So most of the time, it just sits idly in your garage, as a backup.

Operators who long-haul SONET/SDH traffic across multiple carriers face the same dilemma. Although at some point all-packet networks will take over, we’re not there yet. Thus, you need to keep supporting SONET/SDH, even though you need to dedicate a radio carrier running at lower modulation for each STM-1/OC-3 signal, and even though it requires an additional carrier as a backup channel – which generally remains unused.

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